Advantages of Roll Forming Technology

Sheet metal roll forming takes standard sheet metal and puts it through a series of rolling operations designed to create a formed component. Our advanced equipment can be programmed to create many different profiles, allowing high volume production of precise, automated, and identical components at a lower cost.

Standing seam or interlocking roll formed roofing systems have become widely popular due to their ease of manufacture and construction, ease of repair, and overall performance. Roll Former makes this process even more powerful by providing on-site roll forming roof equipment to manufacture precise roof components from flat sheet or rolls of sheet metal stock.

While the simple standing seam system is still popular, many other types of crimped panel systems and panel types have been developed over the years to address particular needs and/or industry-specific applications. We are leading the effort to bring these types of panel systems directly to the job site and allow builders to make their panels directly from rolls of raw stock without the need of an additional supplier.

The ability to make any length of panel as needed saves time and uses less material with fewer excess panels when the job is completed. This added efficiency combined with all of the advantages of a do-it-yourself system, removes the middleman, and puts the power of panel fabrication back into your hands.

With Roll Former, roofers have all the tools to make as many pieces as necessary and create custom components on-the-spot, instead of waiting for deliveries of pre-manufactured panels. Onsite equipment also permits panels of maximum length, further minimizing the need for seams in the roof.

As more and more people see the benefits of these powerful fabrication tools, Roll Former has taken its original model and developed it into a great line of choices for builders who want to take control of their materials, do the finest work possible, and save money in the process.