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Introducing the IBB Integral Board and Batten Machine by Roll Former!

Our brand new Integral Board and Batten panel machine is transforming the residential siding market. 💥 Designed for seamless installation and unmatched durability, this panel snaps together effortlessly, eliminating the need for clips or seaming. Plus, with no external fasteners required, it offers a sleek and flawless finish that’s unbeatable in both aesthetics and functionality. 🛠️

Ideal for residential applications, this attractive panel simplifies the siding process – no seaming, no clips needed. Just lay it down and secure it to the wall, locking one panel over the other for a secure fit. 🏡 It’s also perfect for Lumber Yards and Suppliers looking to cater to local contractors and homeowners seeking the benefits of a metal siding without the hassle of seaming and fasteners. 💼

The IBB Machine comes fully equipped with:

✅ Hydraulic drive and front hydraulic scissors shear

✅ Digital Controller for fully automatic operation

✅ Adjustable panel width capability from 6” to 24”

✅ Nail strip slotting die stage with 3/16” wide by ¾” long slots every 2” O.C.

✅ Material use: 3 5/8”

Join us in embracing the future of residential siding with the IBB Integral Board and Batten Machine. Experience unmatched efficiency, durability, and ease of installation like never before! 💪✨