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Our Roof Panel Machine Offerings at a Glance

Explore the efficiency, portability, and cost-saving benefits of our roof panel machines. Designed for diverse roofing projects, our machines streamline your workflow, cut down expenses, and adapt to various site requirements with ease.

VS-150 Standing Seam Panformer

  • Functionality: The VS-150 is adept at producing 1″ and 1½” Standing Seam profiles, along with “U-Panels.”
  • Versatility: It handles adjustable width panels from 9″ to 24″ and is capable of forming seven different profiles, including Snap Lock styles and Bermuda Roof profiles.
  • Efficiency: Remarkably, it allows for a profile changeover time ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Features: Equipped with a hydraulic drive and front hydraulic scissors shear, it operates on 110 volt – 1 phase power with a speed of 40 FPM.

5V Crimp Panel Machine

  • Applications: These panels are frequently chosen for residential structures. Additionally, the 5V Crimp panels are favored in the agricultural sector for their durability and capacity to endure the varying weather conditions.
  • Capabilities: It features a hydraulic drive and can adjust panel widths from 14″ to 28″, producing a traditional 26″ wide finished panel.
  • Technology: An optional Digital Controller enables fully automatic operation.

SLP-175 Self-Locking Panel Former

  • Specialization: This machine produces the widely-used 1¾” Snap Lock Panel, a staple in commercial metal roofing.
  • Specifications: Adjustable for 12″ to 20″ panels, it includes an electric-hydraulic drive and a front hydraulic scissors shear. It is suitable for 22 – 24 gauge steel and .032″ painted aluminum.
  • Additional Features: Options for Stiffening or Striation Ribs enhance its functionality.

NSP Nail Strip Panel Machine

  • Target Market: Ideal for residential roofing, the NSP machine simplifies installation with its snap-together design, requiring no clips or seaming.
  • Design: The machine supports panel widths of 12” to 20” and includes a nail strip slotting die stage, making it highly efficient and user-friendly.

SS20-A 2 Inch Armco Type Panel Machine

  • Industrial Use: This machine caters to the heavy demands of commercial metal construction.
  • Construction: It boasts hydraulic drive, stainless steel forming rolls, and can adjust panel widths from 12” to 20”. Its speed of 50 FPM and the inclusion of stiffening and striation ribs make it highly productive.

SSSP-3 3 Inch Trapezoidal Pan Machine

  • Application: Designed for structural panels, the SSSP-3 is ideal for pre-engineered buildings or commercial roofing replacements.
  • Features: It offers a hydraulic drive, a front hydraulic scissors shear, and adjustable panel widths. The machine’s double lock seam capability ensures water-tight roofing.

At Roll Former LLC, our machines are integral to efficient, cost-effective, and adaptable metal roofing projects. They are designed to keep operations smooth, saving both time and money.