“Yes, it’s an exciting time here at Roll Former, this new machine is going to make a major impact on the business. For Roll Former this machine is the largest with double the capacity of our next largest size lathe, highest production and largest invested into the company’s manufacturing History. This machine will be able to turn and produce larger diameter tooling for are equipment in a fraction of the time it currently takes. This machine has our first-round bar feeder with the ability to use 4-inch diameter bar stock for added production this will drastically cut down on the time it takes to make many or our component parts that go into making our machines. The new machine is also equipped with many new features we have never had access to in the past which include, live tooling, Y-axis machining and sub spindle to help completely revolutionize the way we make completed forming dies. With a Max capacity of 15” Diameter and 53” or travel this machine is going to make a big impact and continued growth of Roll Former.” -Mike Bintner, Director of Operations